Special Fishing Regulations in Algonquin Park - Summary

Some of rules and regulations which apply to fishing in Algonquin Park include:

  • Possession or use of live baitfish are prohibited in Algonquin Park. The use or possession of live baitfish (including crayfish) or the capturing of any baitfish using traps or nets, or the possession of any amphibian or reptile such as frogs or salamanders is prohibited at all times. Worms are permitted as bait in Algonquin Park, but anglers are encouraged to dispose of unused worms in garbage containers (not on the ground) as worms are not native to Algonquin Park and may negatively impact soil communities.
  • Most Canadian residents need a licence to fish in Ontario (if at least 18 years of age but not 65).
  • All non-residents (age 18 years and older) require a licence to fish in Ontario.
  • Licence holders must carry their licence at all times when angling and show it upon request to an officer.
  • Fish should be packaged individually in clear plastic. A large patch of skin should be left on all fish fillets for identification purposes.
  • Fishing is prohibited within 100 metres of any dam in Algonquin Park.
  • Algonquin Park is a fish sanctuary during winter months, see the Fishing Regulations Summary for more details.

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Special regulations for Algonquin's special fishery.