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The Friends of Algonquin Park LogoThe Algonquin Provincial Park Archives and Collections (APPAC or “Archives”) is the repository for artifacts of significance to the natural and cultural history of Algonquin Park and is owned by Government of Ontario, with substantial operating assistance from The Friends of Algonquin Park, a registered Canadian charity.


The Archives is dedicated to the education, interpretation, and conservation of Algonquin Park and its heritage. The museum seeks to promote knowledge and awareness to visitors today and into the future. We hope to spark curiosity, and inspire people as they visit Algonquin Park. Most of all, we hope to share our passion for Algonquin Park as visitors develop a deeper connection with the natural and cultural history that surrounds them.

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Explore the Algonquin Park Archives OnlineThe early beginnings of the museum collection started in 1946 with a tent set up at Cache Lake that housed a small group of natural history specimens. Since then the Collection has grown significantly and now contains tens of thousands of artifacts. Click the button (left) to search the Archives Online.

Scope of the Collection

  • The Archives only collects items from within the geographical boundaries of Algonquin Park, or those items which help to show the growth and development of the Park
  • Any items to be added to the collection must meet at least one of the following criteria:
    • be of permanent historical value;
    • be worthy of long term preservation; and
    • be considered unique, or irreplaceable.
  • The Archives houses items such as: natural history specimens, historical artifacts, archaeological artifacts, and archival artifacts

Support the Archives

Support for the Archives via The Friends of Algonquin Park, a Canadian registered charity, are always welcome. Please make a donation in any amount, to assist us in protecting Algonquin Park's cultural heritage for future generations.

Donate an Artifact

If you have an Algonquin Park related artifact that you are considering donating, please review the conditions for acquisition. If you think your artifact(s) qualifies, contact us and tell us more about it.

If you find a historic item in Algonquin Park do not move it! It is illegal to do so. Keep the item in its original location, record the item’s latitude and longitude using a Global Positioning System (GPS) unit, take a photo if possible, and then contact u with the details.

Conditions for Acquisition

  • Artifacts will only be accepted if:
    • They are in good to excellent condition
    • They aid in the fulfillment of the mandate
    • Are significant to Algonquin Park, and fit within the scope of the collection
    • There are no special conditions or requirements attached to it
      It can be proven that we have the appropriate storage/display areas, and enough resources/materials to properly care for the item
  • Artifacts will not be accepted if:
    • There is no provenance
    • The item was unethically or illegally obtained by the donor
    • The artifact may be deemed as hazardous to the rest of the collection
    • The artifact poses a health and safety risk
    • The artifact is in such poor condition that conservation treatments are not feasible
    • The artifact falls within the collecting mandate of another local museum or interpretive facility

The Collections Committee will review all incoming donations. The Committee will make a decision to accept or decline the offer based on the current Collections Management Policies.

We thank all those who offer to donate artifacts, as it is through you that our collection is able to grow and develop.

Request An Item or Visit

Some items housed in the Archives may be requested by researchers or by interested Park visitors for specific purposes. Requesting item(s) will involve a processing fee(s) to assist us in supporting the maintenance and growth of Archives. Access to the Archives is available to researchers by appointment only. Please contact the Collections Coordinator (see below) to schedule an appointment to the fire-proof, climate controlled, restricted access room in the Algonquin Park Visitor Centre.

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Processing Fees for the Archives and Collection


Collections Coordinator
The Friends of Algonquin Park
Box 248
Whitney, Ontario K0J 2M0

Phone: (613) 637-2828 ext. 227

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