Geology & Geomorphology

Algonquin Park's earth science features include glaciofluvial Iandforms formed by meltwater channels during past glacial drainage. The Park is a provincially significant example of a landscape typifying an ice stagnation environment and displays such surficial features as eskers, kettles, kame moraines, terraces, drumlins, deltas, outwash plains, sand dunes, beach ridges, meltwater channels, and boulder deposits. The Park also contains the largest kame-moraine complex in the region and significant geological features such as a fault canyon (Barron Canyon) and a meteorite crater (Brent Crater). In addition, the existence of such features as striations, crescentic scars, drumlins and former meltwater channels reveals the history of glacial Lake Wisconsin ice flow and the Upper Great Lakes drainage in the region. Significant representation of the region's bedrock, part of the Precambrian Grenville Province, is also evident.

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