Motor Restrictions in Algonquin Park

Motor boats are not permitted on most Algonquin lakes. Power boat means a boat that is propelled by electric, gasoline, oil or steam motive power.

There are four groups of exceptions listed below. For lake locations please see the Canoe Routes Map of Algonquin Park.

(a) Motors of unlimited horsepower may be used on:

  • Galeairy Lake
  • Lake Opeongo

(b) Motors of 20 horsepower or less may be used on:

  • Bonita Lake
  • Cache Lake
  • Canoe Lake
  • Cedar Lake
  • Kingscote Lake
  • Kioshkokwi Lake
  • Little Cauchon Lake
  • Rock Lake
  • Smoke Lake
  • Source Lake
  • Tanamakoon Lake
  • Tea Lake
  • Lake of Two Rivers
  • Whitefish Lake

(c) Motors of 10 horsepower or less may be used on:

  • Cauchon Lake
  • Cauliflower Lake
  • Grand Lake
  • Joe Lake
  • Little Joe Lake
  • Madawaska Lake
  • Manitou Lake
  • North Tea Lake
  • Radiant Lake
  • Rain Lake
  • Tepee Lake
  • Lake Travers

(d) Motors of 6 horsepower or less may be used, except from the last Friday in June to the first Monday in September inclusive, on:

  • Big Crow Lake
  • Hogan Lake
  • Lake La Muir
  • Proulx Lake
  • Little Crow Lake
  • White Partridge Lake


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