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Caching of Boats and Canoes

Canoe and boats may not be left unattended anywhere in Algonquin Park except (by written authority from the Park Superintendent) on:

  • Little Cauchon Lake at the Carl Wilson Lake Portage;
  • Little Cedar Lake at the entrance to Aura Lee Lake;
  • Manitou Lake at the Three Mile and Shada Lake portages;
  • North Tea Lake at the Manitou Lake portage;
  • Opeongo Lake at the Happy Isle, Redrock, Proulx and Wright Lake portages;
  • Rock Lake at the Pen and Lousia Lake portages;
  • Smoke Lake at the Ragged Lake portage; and
  • All marked portages off of Cedar, Grand, Kioshkokwi, Mangotasi and White Partridge.

All boats and canoes must be removed from the Park at the end of each trip.

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