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The Brent Store is located on the north shore of Cedar Lake, near the Cedar Lake - Brent Access Point, and has been operated by Algonquin Outfitters since 1982. The Brent Store services the north side of Algonquin Park with canoe rentals, outfitting packages and more. Please book in advance online or call 1-800-469-4948.

Customers familiar with the wide variety of services and products available at Algonquin Outfitters other locations will find things a little different when they get to Brent. The outfitting department offers the same types of equipment as other locations, but not in the same quantity. Canoe trippers may park at the Brent Store and start their trip from the dock or travel a short distance to the Cedar Lake - Brent Access Point located at the Brent Campground.

Cedar Lake is one of the Park's largest lakes and offer many options for backcountry canoeing including access to whitewater sections of the Petawawa River and lakes in the north-central section of Algonquin Park.

Operating Dates

  • Early May to mid-October



  • Rental canoes and kayaks
  • Complete outfitting packages (reservation required)
  • Retail store featuring:
    • Limited camping, hiking and paddling equipment
    • Maps and souvenirs

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