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Backcountry Reservations

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  • Reservations can be made 5 months before your arrival date. For example, backcountry campers can reserve on March 1 for August 1.
  • The maximum length of stay on any one backcountry campsite is 16 consecutive nights.
  • Maximum party size for backcountry camping is 9 persons per permit.
  • A deposit is required at the time of booking for backcountry campsites.
  • Campers must follow the route specified on their permit.

Before Making Your Reservation Call

  • Have our official Canoe Routes Map-Brochure (or Backpacking Trails Map-Brochure) in front of you when you call the reservation number, especially in case modifications have to be made to your trip.
  • Know where you would like to go on your trip. If you require assistance, contact Algonquin Park Information prior to making your reservation.
  • Know the following specific pieces of trip information:
    • your intended trip start and departure dates
    • your intended access point of entry and exit
    • your intended travel route by lake area on a nightly basis
    • possible alternate routes and access points in the event that your first route choice has already been filled to capacity
  • Have ready the following pieces of personal information:
    • your name, address, and postal code
    • your telephone number
    • an email address (All bookings where an email address has been provide will receive their confirmation letter by email, including changes and cancellations.  If an email address is not provided a confirmation letter will be sent by mail.)
    • the number of people in your party (maximum of 9 persons per site and per reservation)
    • your vehicle licence number
    • how you will be paying (if by credit card have its number and expiry date ready)

After Making A Reservation

  • A confirmation letter will be mailed to campers who make reservations at least 7 days in advance, including customers who make changes and/or cancellations.
  • Review the Park's Rules and Regulations

Changing or Canceling a Reservation

  • Reservations may be changed by contacting or telephone 1-888-ONT-PARK (1-888-668-7275)
  • A cancellation, change, and/or administrative fee may be applicable.

Your Arrival & Late Arrivals

  • Pickup your backcountry permit at an Access Point Office which may be located at your backcountry Access Point but not in all cases. See your particular Access Point for details.
  • Backcountry reservations are only held until 8:00am the day following your scheduled arrival date. Reservations not claimed by this time will be considered a "no show". "No show" fee may be charged, see or 1-888-ONT-PARK for details.

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