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Directions to Algonquin Park

General Directions

Algonquin Provincial Park is located in south-central Ontario, Canada and covers 7,630 square kilometers (2,946 square miles). It is about 300 km north of Toronto, Ontario and about 260 km west of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada’s capital. The Park is located at approximately 45.8°, -78.4°.

Highway 60, the Park’s only major highway (open year-round), runs through the south end of Algonquin Park as is easily accessible by car. The East Gate is located just west of the town of Whitney, Ontario. The West Gate is located just east of the town of Dwight, Ontario. There are many other Access Points to the Park that run off Highway 17 to the north of the Park. Other Access Points run off Highway 11 to the west of the park and others run off of Highway 60 to the east of the Park.

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Specific Directions


Also known as the Parkway Corridor between the West and East Gates of Algonquin Park, Highway 60 is our most popular access route as it travels through the southern portion of Algonquin Park.

This area of the Park features campgrounds, backcountry access points (for both canoe routes and backpacking trails), interpretive walking trails, museums with bookstores, an art centre, picnic areas and beaches, restaurants, stores, and lodges.

When traveling to Algonquin along Highway 60 from the west side, the West Gate is your first opportunity to stop for Park information and permits. The West Gate is located 45 kilometres east of the town of Huntsville (which is located at the junction of Highway 60 and Highway 11).

When traveling to Algonquin along Highway 60 from the east side, the East Gate is your first opportunity to stop for information and permits. The East Gate is located 5 kilometres west of the town of Whitney (which is located 3 kilometres west of the junction of Highway 60 and Highway 127).


The busiest travel route to Algonquin is via Highway 400… take Highway 11 North to Huntsville, and then travel East along Highway 60 to the West Gate of the Park.

Why not try an alternate travel route which brings you to Algonquin's East Gate...

From Highway 401, take Highway 115 North to Peterborough, then travel Highway 28 North to Bancroft where you take Highway 62 North to Maynooth where you take Highway 127 North to Highway 60. From there, travel West through the village of Whitney to the East Gate of Algonquin Park.

HIGHWAY 60 ORIENTATION ... use the kilometre markers

As you travel along the Highway 60/Parkway Corridor, take note of our white on brown kilometre markers at each kilometre (the West Gate is at km 0 and the East Gate is located at km 56).

These markers are used to orient visitors and staff when providing information about the locations of Park facilities. For example, the Algonquin Visitor Centre is located at km 43 – namely, it is 43 kilometres from the West Gate.

Our kilometre markers are used also to indicate locations for events (e.g., guided walks, etc.) and wildlife sightings (moose, deer, etc.).

The kilometre markers are very helpful when providing details about significant incidents (motor vehicle accidents, fire, etc.).


Numerous other travel routes bring you to Algonquin Park, however, these highways/roads are intended (usually) to take the visitor to specific backcountry/Interior access points or our peripheral campgrounds.

For example, Highway 11 continues north beyond the town of Huntsville and provides access to several west side backcountry access points.

The Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 17) travels along the north and east of the Park, and provides access to backcountry access points as well as our developed campgrounds.

Highways 60, 62, and 127 provide access to backcountry access points located in Algonquin's south and east areas.

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Special regulations for Algonquin's special fishery.