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Public Wolf Howls - Howling WolfWolf howling expeditions take place only on Thursdays in August, or in September before Labour Day, when weather and accessible wolves permit. Meet at the Outdoor Theatre for a presentation on wolf ecology and our changing perceptions of this elusive animal; event protocol is provided; and then we travel by car (on rare occasions, we walk) to a place along Highway 60 where wild wolves may answer the imitations given by the Naturalist staff.

2020 Potential Wolf Howl Dates

Public Wolf Howls have been cancelled for 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting restrictions. We are hopeful this event will return in 2021. Watch this webpage for updates.

2019 Public Wolf Howl Results

The last successful Public Wolf Howl in Algonquin Park was #116 on August 15, 2013.

When in the Park, check Park bulletin boards on the day of a projected Wolf Howl for confirmation. Check the Events Calendar (or the links above) for more upcoming Wolf Howls and then select "Remind Me!" to be notified of program event changes by email or text message.

When Attending a Public Wolf Howl

If attending a Public Wolf Howl please confirm you:

  • have a valid Park permit;
  • arrive early at the Outdoor Theatre;
  • have a full tank of gas; and
  • dressed warmly for this special program which lasts about three hours.

No dogs are allowed at the Outdoor Theatre or the wolf howl location.

For more information on wolf howling, check out the publication Wolf Howling in Algonquin Provincial Park, produced by The Friends of Algonquin Park. This publication, and many others, can be ordered from The Friends or bought at various locations throughout the Park.

Synopsis of Public Wolf Howls

The last successful Public Wolf Howl in Algonquin Park was #116 on August 15, 2013.

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