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The Friends of Algonquin Park Directors Award

The Directors Award was established in 1985 by The Friends of Algonquin Park to honour those who have made significant contributions toward the appreciation of Algonquin Park.

Directors Award Recipients

1985 Ottelyn Addison, Ralph Bice
1986 A.J. Casson, Audrey Saunders
1987 Ed Kase, Nick Martin
1988 Omer Stringer
1989 Adele Ebbs
1990 Aubrey Dunne
1991 Pierre Trudeau
1992 Roy Anderson, Bruce Falls, Jim Fraser, Al Gordon
1994 Al Helmsley, Grant Taylor
1995 Mary (Colson) Clare, Elsie (Gervais) McCormack, Esther (Sessions) Keyser, Mary (McCormick) Pigeon
1996 Ron Tozer
1997 Bill Swift Sr.
1998 Felix Luckasavitch, Ray Townsend
1999 Tom Linklater, Ron Perry, Kirk Wipper
2000 Bill Brown, Brent Connelly, Bill Calvert, Pat Tozer
2001 Dan Strickland
2003 John and Janet Foster
2004 Michael Runtz
2005 Dan Gibson, Taylor Statten
2006 George Garland
2007 Bernard Reynolds, Wakami Wailers (Jeff Allen, Mike Bernier, Mark Despault and Rob Hollett)
2008 Rory MacKay
2011 Don Lloyd
2013 Tom and Jake Pigeon
2014 Don Beauprie
2015 Ron Brooks
2016 Rob Gamble
2017 Tom Thomson
2018 Ahmek, Arowhon, Northway, Pathfinder, Tamakwa, Tanamakoon, Wapomeo and Wendigo (Algonquin Park's Youth Camps)
2019 Howard Coneybeare
2020 Gaye Clemson
2021 Frank Kuiack
2022 Craig Macdonald
2023 Bob McRae and Brian Maltman
2024 Arowhon Pines, Bartlett Lodge, and Killarney Lodge (Algonquin Park's Lodges)


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